Photography sessions typically last about 1-2 hours, depending on the session. I allow plenty of time for breaks, whether it is for snacks, clothing changes or for comforting. Your session will be fun and tends to go by quickly.

What to wear

Think simple.  Avoid wearing cloathes with distracting logos and remember less is more.  Solid colors, jeans, cute hats/costumes, barefeet are all good ideas and photograph well.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photos are best done at about 32 weeks.  You want to have a nice round belly but still be somewhat comfortable.  Family member involvment is highly suggested.

Infant Photography

Newborn photos are best done during the first two weeks.  Older newborns are awake more, and tend not to be as easy to position.  Your session will be relaxed and not rushed.  A newborn session are longer at 2-3 hours.  This allows plenty of time for feedings and comforting.  Capturing every part of these miracles are so precious since they grow so quickly.  Lots of bareskin is recommended!

Children Photography

As a father, I understand that children can be shy at first especially if the person is new.  I like to be very laid back and relaxed to try and make your children comfortable.  It is ok if they need have their favorite toy in the picture or hold on to a special blanky.  I actually recommend that they should included objects that are special to their childhood. This will give you photographs that aren’t like the typical stone cold portraits many families grew up with.

Location Suggestions

I provide sessions in my home studio or on location within the city of Winnipeg.  Choose something that reflects your family and that you feel you will all be comfortable in.  Whether it is the comfort of your own home, my studio filled with props or downtown in the exchange district.

Please email me for a quote for out of town sessions.