Photoshop actions & button mode

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This post will go over some of my favorite actions and my custom photoshop workspace. Everything I list here is part of my photo editing workflow.

Having an IT background I strive to customize my working environment. I learned early on Photoshop is highly customizable.

This is the first time I’ve ever released my workspace. My Dell 27″ monitor has a resolution of 2560×1440 so I am able to fit a lot on the screen at one time. Part of the reason why I bring up the resolution of my monitor is this workspace does not work nearly as well on lower resolution screens.


When you have hundreds of actions, how do you QUICKLY find the action you want to use if it is one big list?

By default, the action list looks sort of like explorer in windows. It’s great that it shows you every detail but when you want to do something quickly it becomes a hindrance.

Looking at my workspace you might be wondering what all those colored rectangles are. Those are actions that are being displayed in “Button Mode”.

To switch to button mode you need to click on the options of the actions menu and select button mode.


The next thing people ask me is what actions do you use? Well the last screenshot show thems in their entirety! I tend to use the TRA1- Retouch the most.

Now that we’ve switched it over to button mode you can color coordinate the buttons and make them your own. Most action sets tend to have already been color coodinated so that can really help you out. Here’s a small section of the full action list.


To the left of the actions I have these panels setup. I spend the majority of my time making edits using the adjustments and layers sections.